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Hello #TicketToFree

In conventional family law, "valley fog," as they call it, is final. 

"It was sad always knowing my life was at risk. Yet, reality didn't matter." - Olivia Sander

So let's defy the risky disconnectivity. And let's discover a new era of freedom with nuclear family connectivity for all!

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My Story

Have you ever been in a college class when the teacher asked a question? And you knew the answer so you raised your hand high. 🖐 You turn and look around. No one else is raising their hand. So you get a little more excited inside. But, the teacher looks around and never calls on you. Yet, this is the last question of the semester. The final chance for some extra credit you need to pass before the final decision is made, and the grade was in the record books forever. One moment in time to either propel your life forward or else get held back and prevent you from moving forward.


The teacher never calls on you. And since you didn't get a voice, your whole life doesn't advance as you dreamed.

Have you become a parent X or a child X? Are poor quality freelancers making you look bad to each other? Who do you know that needs to turn their pain into purpose?

Now, imagine that you're a child like Olivia was in the 2nd grade. Her mom comes home and was that good student who sacrificed everything and knew the right answer. And normally, Olivia said, when her mom would walk through the door, she smiled. But this day, her mom was inconsolably sad.


And the following days, she starts boxing up clothes to move. Soon after, the car disappears. The house is gone. And there's no money for food or a new place to live. Even her puppy dog 🐶 was gone 😢.

Turns out, that wasn't a college class at all. That was family court. And that disenfranchiser wasn't a teacher. That was a judge and a final ruling.


You see, her mom couldn't afford an expensive retainer fee for representation, but her opponent could afford a team of representatives  (Wemple, 2021).  


Some states do try to provide rep. disparity relief, but that’s not effective when parties live outside those jurisdictions. That's why it's vital that my 1800NEWFREE becomes a resource that the community can tap into for representation disparity relief. 


These safety measures will save thousands of lives, prevent unnecessary trauma, improve millions of lives, and provide civil data for policy. Oh, and prevent missing puppies too. 

So that someday when someone you love is sitting in a classroom and has the right answer, raising their hand up high with excitement, preparing for the next step in their life, they won’t have to be left behind. You’ll know they'll have a fair voice before the final decision is made. Our reviews speak for themselves.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Wemple, A. W. (2021, December 31). How relieving legal representation disparity makes us feel like "good entrepreneurs". Life Winks. Retrieved January 2, 2022, from

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